Powering deposit return schemes with tailored, cutting-edge technology

For nearly four decades, Envipco has been working with our partners across the globe to deliver tailormade deposit return scheme (DRS) solutions. Our legacy of success is a result of our future-facing approach and passion to move forward.

From the state-of-the-art bulk-feed technology of our QUANTUM reverse vending machine (RVM) to FLEX, the most versatile small RVM on the market, we have set the benchmark for recycling technology.

Our approach mirrors the needs of our customers by providing customised solutions for any size of enterprise. From single small machine solutions to the scalable range of services needed to create change on a national level, we deliver.

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7,100 RVMs worldwide High-capacity storage solutions

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Our bulk-feed technology is revolutionising deposit return

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Quantum is the first and only bulk-feed collection machine on the international market, made possible by our unique and patented technology and our devotion to innovation. By moving beyond single item loading we have made the recycling process more hygienic, more enjoyable, and more rewarding for users. All in a single interaction.

The Quantum also provides superior compaction technology and highly-flexible storage solutions. This allows for the storage of up to 60,000 containers at one time.

The revolutionary Quantum is available now.

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The most flexible deposit return solution

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FLEX is the most versatile beverage packaging collection machine available in its class — offering consumer-friendly loading and fast processing. This small and compact machine also features our patented compaction technology, which allows for the storage of up to 900 containers.

Scratch-proofing and simplified servicing procedures ensure that the FLEX remains attractive to customers while being easy to maintain. Easy installation as a stand-alone or fitted unit.

Industry-leading compaction technology

Envipco’s breakthrough compaction mechanism features patented technology which maximises storage capacity and is integrated into all of our machines.

Our compactors enable beverage packaging to be broken down and flattened more effectively than any other on the market. Our Germany-based engineering team ensure that we remain at the cutting-edge of innovation in compaction.

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